At Method Communications, we have public relations down to a science.

What does this mean for our long list of high-tech, biotech, pharma, education and finance clients? It means we know how to tell their stories in a compelling way and get consistent, reproducible results.

How do we dare make such a claim, at a time when everything is changing?

New communication technologies will come and go, but the principles of effective PR are here to stay. It's like gravity, pulling down just as much on the Wright brothers in 1903 as it did on astronaut John Glenn 60 years later. The tools may change, but when it comes to this business, fortune always favors those who methodically prepare, execute, then persist.

And that's the heart of our method.

Just as the law of gravity applies equally in Kitty Hawk and Cape Canaveral, principles of good PR apply in New York, San Francisco and our home base of Salt Lake City. But, thanks to the law of supply and demand, lower rent lets us do much more, for much less.

Let us put our proven method to work for you.